Balbec Edge

We believe our competitive advantage is driven by our nimble approach and unique expertise investing across niche credit assets.
Niche Focus
Where we have a data arbitrage, competitive advantage, and proprietary sourcing.
Flexible Mandate
Ability to rotate capital to the most attractive risk-adjusted returning assets in our sphere.
Active Deal Flow
Acquire portfolios of varying size and performance traits daily.
Proprietary Sourcing
Strong counterparty relationships across our key asset and geographic markets.
Trusted Counterparty
Successfully partner with other institutional investors.
Internally Developed Tech Suite
Captures dozens of empirical and third-party data points to drive asset selection (and exclusion) and portfolio management.
Attractive Financing
Consistent execution of bespoke non-recourse financing through multiple credit facilities and a highly successful captive securitization platform.
Unparalleled Dataset
Proprietary due diligence and analytics drive performance.
Captive Asset Management
Master servicing team supports due diligence, servicer oversight, and portfolio strategies for residential mortgage investments.